the boxer duvet pillow pack kit


Molly Mutt dog beds has to be one of the best dog beds on the market. These beds are one of our favorite finds because of their unique stuff sack style and the quality of the fabric for the duvet is outstanding.

one of our most beloved patterns is now available in one of the most requested colors, orange. the lattice design and clean simplicity make this pattern perfect for any room in your home.


simply stuff your molly mutt bed with your old clothes, towels, pillows, etc


your dog's favorite scent? it's you! as a result, this is the dog bed dogs love.


rest easy. molly mutt beds are durable, washable, and as you can see, loveable.


Got 16 Seconds?

sure you do! watch how simple it is to create the comforting bed your dog will absolutely love.

pillow pack kit
this kit includes everything your dog needs for the perfect snooze: 
1) one molly mutt duvet
2) one pillow pack
3) one free stuff sack! 

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