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A Healthy Dog Is A Happy Dog

Healthy Homemade Dog Food for Your Pet

Keeping your dog healthy should be your top priority. Many of the dog foods on the market contain fillers and other ingredients that can actually harm your dog’s health, rather than help it. At Happy Dog Food, we make real food dog food that contains only natural ingredients, ensuring your dog consumes a healthy, balanced diet. Our nutritious dog food is unlike any others you will find in your typical grocery or other general store. Buying the best food for dogs will ensure your pet stays as healthy as possible, reducing his risk of serious health complications.

No Artificial Ingredients

Our all natural dog food contains no artificial ingredients, unlike many of the other dog foods available on the market. There’s no other natural dog food on the market that can provide what our quality dog food can offer. We don’t use any preservatives, fillers or artificial dyes or flavors to make the food more appealing. Our expert staff understands the importance of offering pets fresh food that is made from quality ingredients, rather than the byproducts many other companies use to create their pet food.

Enjoy the Benefits of All Natural Dog Food

When you take the time to find the best dehydrated dog food for your precious pet, you can be sure they will enjoy all the benefits a healthy diet can provide. After feeding your pet our healthy dog food, you will notice his coat is shinier, his dry, itchy, flaky skin disappears and his joint health is much better. There’s nothing better you can offer your four-legged friend!

Latest Blog & Customer Stories

Bimpy's Story

Bimpy is excited to give a testimonial to Happy Dog Food, the only food she loves. Some background, Bimpy is a rescue Chihuahua who we adopted 10 years ago, she was found wandering on a busy major street and taken to the shelter. We heard about her through a relative who knew that we have had Chihuahua's in our family for a long time. Our last dog was a Yorkie, whom we lost many years ago, and were not looking to replace her, but when the call came about Bimpy, we thought we would take the grand kids and see her at the shelter. Read More

The Benefits of Cooking Meals for Your Dog

Making a home-cooked meal for your pup isn't so far fetched. Here are some benefits and reasons to take the plunge:
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Dianne Venzon

We did the core vaccines, and now titer Camo to check for immunity; I suspect he will not require any additional vaccines during his life (except rabies, because required by law, not because his immunity has expired). His immune system is super-charged, thanks to his Happy Dog Food diet, so he's well-armed to handle any bugs that come his way! Read More

Annie and Roxy

I waited years to make the switch. I kept thinking that cooking my dog's food wouldn’t be the most convenient – the irony being that I have to cook for myself anyway. Instead I continued to do research for the "best" packaged dog foods out there. Read More

5 Ways to Keep Dogs Happy During the Holidays

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it's important to make sure your canine companion is eating right and feeling happy. Here's how you can keep your dog healthy and happy during this holiday season. Read More

Cheeka's Happy Life

Cheeka has enjoyed Happy Dog Food all of her life, and loves it!! She laps up every morsel and then looks for more. It has helped keep her very healthy and happy, like her predecessors before her. And she adores the Freeze Dried Chicken Treats! continue reading... Read More

Luuca & Poohka Davis

Lucca and Poohka are 8 & 9 year old shih- thus. Lucca has become a very picky eater, and was turning his nose up to even pure hamburger continue reading... Read More

Why Adding "Human Food" To Your Dog's Diet Is So Important

Don't feed your dog dry, commercial kibble. Decrease your furry friend's chance of cancer by giving them Happy Dog Food full of colorful "human" vegetables.
Read More

Bear's Story, by S. Evans

Bear, EvansWe have been without a canine companion for too long and were lucky enough to be in the right place when this puppy and his Mother were found on the streets of Bakersfield along with a sister and another brother...continue reading Read More

Camo's Story by D. Venzon

Camo Struttin at Crissy FieldAfter losing four dogs to cancer, I knew something had to change, and my gut told me it was their food. I did exhaustive research on canine nutrition, and when I found Happy Dog Food, I knew it was the solution I'd been looking for...continue reading
Read More

Keep Your Canine Companion Safe this Halloween

Halloween is an exciting time for families, and your canine companion will likely want to get in on the action. While they may be excited to ham it up in their canine costume, it is important to remember that this time of year can be stressful for pets.
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Regis’ Story by L. Wobeck

RegisI can't tell you enough how happy we are with our Happy Dog Food! I take in hospice dogs. My Regis was not eating and losing weight. He now eats every bit of his food when I mix it with Happy Dog Food and he is now eating 4 times a day to keep his weight on! I make big batches in my crock pot, then bag and freeze it!

L. Wobeck
Read More

Tips to Keep Your Dog Safe During Heatwaves

Like most animal lovers, you probably cannot wait for summer and look forward to spending time outside with your dog when the weather is warm. Read More

Is a Raw Food Diet Right for Your Dog?

To those customers who care enough to assess the risks and needs of placing their beloved canine on a raw diet, this page has been created to assess the benefits and hazards; as well as workarounds for those hazards, in order to make an informed decision. Read More

Garlic in dog food

Is garlic safe for dogs?

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Tina's Story

TinaAnytime we make Happy Dog Food, Tina and her siblings can be found in the kitchen waiting for it to be done. They can’t wait to dig in to a bowl of Happy Dog Food. Read More

Jake loves your food

JakeJake is a Welsh Terrier and has been eating Happy Dog original formula dog food for about five years. He loves this food. Read More

Ace aka Wreck it Ralph

AceOur new border collie puppy, Ace, came home and from day one was eating and loving happy dog food. Read More

Our Customer's Stories

Customer Stories was created to allow our wonderful customers and pet guardians to share their real-life success stories, reviews and testimonials on the benefits of feeding Happy Dog Food to their canine companions. As a thank you for sharing your story, we are offering a coupon good towards your next order of Happy Dog Food.

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