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A Happy Dog is a Healthy Dog

Original Recipe Express Recipe Grain Free Recipe

The Healthiest thing you can do for your dog is feed a nutritious, well balanced diet. Happy Dog Food is made with the highest quality human grade, vegetables, whole grains, herbs and nutritional supplements.

Happy Dog does not contain any added preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Our foods are formulated specifically for a dogís nutritional needs.Happy Dog is a convenient way to provide your dog the same kind of freshly made, whole foods that you eat yourself

Happy Dog is fully digestible, rich in active enzymes and tastes delicious -- even to the most discerning eaters! The benefits of a whole-food diet cannot be overestimated for maintaining your dog in the peak of health, both physically and mentally.With proper nutrition, your will see:
  • A shiny coat and bright eyes
  • No more dry, flakey, itchy skin
  • Improved joint health
Your dog deserves to feel its best -- naturally! So whether your canine companion is young or old, active or sedate, Happy Dog can add more years to your petís life and more life to your petís years. If a freshly prepared wholesome food is good for you, it's good for your dog, too!

Which food would your canine companion prefer?